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The Mimoto Mantra: Respect means we value our team; Respect means we always try to do right by our customers; Respect means our investors know by delivering on our promise to employees and customers that we'll deliver better financial results.

Meet the team behind the Mimoto team

We bring 20+ years of leadership in security, AI/ML, category creation, and international go-to-market.

Kris Bondi

CEO & Co-founder

Kris Bondi is the CEO and Co-founder of Mimoto, a proactive detection and response cybersecurity company. In prior executive leadership roles, Kris made a name for herself in category creating and GTM strategies that significantly increased adoption and positioned companies for acquisitions and IPO filings. Notable accomplishments include VMware’s acquisition of Bitnami, acquiring Neura’s first 1,000,000 active end-users within nine months, and establishing “serverless” as a category.

Among her career highlights is as a stringer for the Harrisburg Patriot covering Nelson Mandela's first speech in the United States.

Douglas Coburn

CTO & Co-founder

In his more than 20 years in the security space, Douglas has seen all sides of security technology. Most recently, he served as the director of professional services at Signal Sciences, a web applications security company, until its acquisition by Fastly. While at Signal Sciences, he created a unique PS model that resulted in multiple millions of dollars in ARR. While in a sales and sales engineer leadership role at, he also built the company’s first analytics platform. Prior to joining, Douglas served in in sales engineering roles at Moka5, Okta, and as a member of the IBM security division.

While Douglas has lived and worked throughout the world, it's Japan to which he continues to return.